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Hands on Learning
Dr. Maria Montessori's
Educational Philosophy of
Experiential Learning comes to
life in our unique environment.


As we embark on a journey into the 21st century, we as educators are faced with the
task of preparing our young children with the academic and social skills needed to be
successful in this our brave new world.  The faces of the people in our communities,
our offices, our political government is as diverse as never before.  Our industries have
become more complex requiring our young people to be open minded to new ideas
and innovative responses.  Hence, the educational approach to prepare our children for
life should mirror these needs.  In response to our ever changing world, the Staten
Island Montessori School is implementing new and exciting programs to help take our
children into the 21st century armed with the knowledge to be successful in whatever
endeavors they may explore.  Ground breaking improvements within the building are
being implemented to better accommodate our growing student body.  

As a result, a curriculum to meet the needs of our students has been developed to
exceed the standards deemed necessary by the public school system.  The Institute of
Cultural Studies, the first Montessori Middle School program on Staten Island, was
developed to focus on the global community as well as Math, Science, Language Arts,
Music and the Arts.  Its curriculum is highly structured to engage the children in their
learning and prepare them for high school.  Making the connections across the subject
areas is the key in helping our children to better understand our changing world.  
Connecting with others, working with others and respecting each person regardless of
ability encourages tolerance and understanding of all individuals.  

Many children come to our school because of the small class sizes, individual attention,
and the safety and nurturing that is extended to all our children.  The Staten Island
Montessori School, with all its new changes on the horizon will first and foremost
maintain its responsibility of cultivating respect and equality among all its students.  No
child will be left behind.  Our goal at the Staten Island Montessori School is to address
the needs of our constantly changing academic and social environment.  In doing so,
an Advisory Board comprised of staff, parents, community members from businesses
and various academic areas have been instituted.  This gathering of people from
diversified backgrounds will help to put forth a strategic plan to move our school
forward.  Key speakers from many areas of expertise will also be made available to

The Staten Island Montessori School is growing in positive and innovated ways evolving
as leaders in education.  Our children are our future and it is not only our obligation, but
our esteemed honor to provide the necessary tools above and beyond what is needed
to successfully cross over into high school and become the leaders of our future.

Our young "learners for life"
Middle School
Institute of Cultural
providing a curriculum
that is both engaging &